I never believed I could be hypnotised as I am far too analytical. However, I needed to stop biting my nails and I had heard about Beverley from a friend so decided to give it a go.

The therapy had indeed heightened my awareness of my habit and, every time I lifted my hand to my mouth, I automatically realised what I was about to do and I stopped myself.

I would recommend Beverley to anyone seeking help, whether a believer in hypnosis or not. It worked for me and I am sure it will work for others.

M Roberts, West Midlands

Home after a lovely two weeks.  Flight back was really good.  Can't believe how much better I felt, even looking out of the window on take off and landing! Thank you again so much.
Alison, Water Orton

Beverley thank you! I did two jettys and got on and off boats that we hired on holiday.  Flying was confortable and during some turbulence I practiced the deep breathing you taught me.  I have had the best holiday ever thanks to you. 
Sarah, Chelmsley Wood


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